Bill Matheson~

We are so happy to house a wide selection of creations by local metal artist, Bill Matheson.  Bill has worked as a professional artist since 1973.   He specializes in scenes influenced by the beauty of the great northwest and San Juan Islands, for which he calls home.

“When you are lucky enough to live in this area, it is impossible not to be influenced by the beauty of the bald eagle, grace of the great blue heron, and the abundance of water fowl and shore birds which we encounter on a daily basis.”

Bill uses these sightings to provide direction and inspiration for his one of a kind pieces of art.  Most of his sculptures are created for enjoyment inside the home, but he also creates beautiful bronze sculptures for the yard, garden, deck or spa.

Please feel free to stop by Courtyard Gallery to see these beautiful pieces in person!  Give us a call, or send requests for more information, including pricing, or for having a commissioned piece designed just for you via our  Contact Form.

**As always, click on a photo below to begin the slide show!





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